Protocols Supported

AUTOSOL’s multi-protocol polling engines communicate with a wide variety of manufacturers’ field devices and meters in their native protocol. This creates device interoperability to quickly bridge the gap between legacy and newer IIoT technologies.

View a product-by-product breakdown of AUTOSOL’s native and Modbus supported protocols below.

ABB Totalflow (DB1 non-packet, DB2 packet)XFC, XRC, MicroFlow, NGC and PGC series
ABB Totalflow (DB2 compressed)XFC, XRC, MicroFlow, NGC and PGC series
Allen Bradley ControlLogix (CIP)CompactLogix, ControlLogix
Allen Bradley DF1 / ABTCP / CSPv41774-PLC, ControlLogix, MicroLogix 1000, MicroLogix 1200, MicroLogix 1500, PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC-500, SLC-5/03, SLC-5/04, SLC-5/05
Barton Scancom (Adept)Scanner 1130, Scanner 1131, Scanner 1140
BenchmarkBenchmark EGM RTU
DEC AsynchronousKN Energy compressor station
DNP3 FB SeriesFB1100, FB1200, FB2100, FB2200, FB3000
DresserDresser Micro Corrector IMC/W2, MC3
Eagle Research HexASCIIEagle E-Series: EFC, EFM (Orifice), EPR, RTU, Valve Controller; XA Series: XARTU/1 Volume Corrector, AAT Volume Corrector, Orifice Flow Computer, Pressure Recorder, RTU, Volume Accumulator; XA32/5 RTU
Emerson (Bristol Babcock) BSAP (BIP & UDP)ControlWave, ControlWave Micro, ControlWave with Network 3000 items, Network 3000
Emerson (Fisher) FloBoss/ROC103, 107, ROC 300 ROCPAC, ROC 300 FLASHPAC, 407, Floboss 503, FloBoss 504, RegFlo, ROC 809, ROC 809L, ROC 827, ROC 827L, FB1100, FB1200, FB2100, FB2200
FBNetFerguson Beauregard 5000, Tiny-Drive
GE SRTPSeries 90-30 & 90-70 PLC’s, Rx3i, Rx7i
HexRepeaterAI-700's, BBi-3340s & ControlWave Micro
Honeywell Mercury InstrumentsECAT, ER, MinMax, MiniAT, EC350, ER350, ERX, Turbo, Pulse Accumulator
Kimray3102/3512, K-500
Modbus: ALiEn2Extreme Telematics Corp ALiEn2 Plunger Lift Controller
Modbus: BP WellControlSCADAPack 4203s custom load
Modbus: DynaPumpSSi Artificial Lift Models 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13
Modbus: EnronEnron Modbus Compatible devices, such as: AutoPILOT PRO, Emerson Bristol Babcock, FlowStar, SCADAPack
Modbus: ETNGEast Tennessee Natural Gas Bristol (3330) with ACCOL load
Modbus: FB3000Ferguson Beauregard EFM3000
Modbus: KM LoadKinder Morgan Modbus
Modbus: Lufkin SAMBaker Hughes Lufkin SAM
Modbus: MicroMP3Dynamic Flow Computer MicroMP3 (Liquid)
Modbus: MicroMVLDynamic Flow Computer MicroMVL/Micro 100 Liquid
Modbus: Modbus/TCPModbus TCP
Modbus: Omni FlowOmni 3000/6000, Omni 4000/7000
Modbus: PCS Plunger LiftPCS Ferguson DLC4000/8000
Modbus: ProsoftMVI-AFC and MVI-EAFC series
Modbus: Scanner 1150Cameron (Barton, NuFlo) Scanner 1150
Modbus: Schneider Electric SCADAPackSCADAPack, SCADAPack w/ RealFLO
Reynolds LVCReynolds LVC
Siemens CAMPCTI (Control Technology Inc) 2572
Siemens S7SIMATIC S7-1200
SpiritIT Flow-X DriverABB Spirit IT Flow-X
Teledyne CATeledyne Control Access Protocol devices
TGP BinaryTennessee Gas Pipeline compressor station
Thermo Flow AutomationAutoPILOT and AutoMATE
Weatherford 8500Weatherford WellPilot® RPOC, ePic VSD, ePic RPC, M8800, M8750, M2000, M8650, M8500, EXS-1000 ESP

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Based on AUTOSOL knowledge of devices and protocols at the time of publishing.  AUTOSOL does not have rights to trade names of companies, devices and protocols.  All information is subject to change.

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