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Value-Added Services to Ensure Solution Success

Whether you have specific software requirements or need assistance in installing, maintaining, and updating your AUTOSOL solution, our experts are here to help.

To support the use of our products and to extend their capabilities in line with your operational demands, AUTOSOL offers custom-tailored services for software development and solution deployment.

Custom Software Development

Tell Us Your Challenge, We’ll Work to Deliver the Answer

Although our goal is to meet every customers’ requirements with our core products, specific needs often arise. In those cases we work to enhance the functionality, flexibility and scalability of our solutions as needed to fit those demands.

Our decades of experience with SCADA and remote data systems, combined with our collaboration with some of the largest companies in the industry, give us great insight into the data collection capabilities most desired by industrial enterprises today – and allow us to customize our software efficiently.

Have specific protocol requirements not currently addressed by ACM? Missing certain logging features? Our team of software developers, programmers and engineers will support your need for upgraded functionality.

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Expert Integration Services

Supporting Deployments in Collaboration with Our Customers & Their Partners

Our team is able to provide integration services that are either AUTOSOL-led or delivered in collaboration with integration partners. If you currently work with a system integrator, they can tap our expertise at any time to help further streamline implementation and deployment.

Our team has decades of SCADA automation experience with industry’s current and legacy products, telemetries, hosting, and protocols. In addition to being automation experts, AUTOSOL also possesses a deep understanding of other manufacturers’ hardware and software. You can rely on our expansive knowledge to help ensure your SCADA system runs efficiently and effectively.

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Your Input Impacts Our Engineering Output

The best part of being an AUTOSOL customer is that you directly influence our software development. When users bring us ideas on features that make their work more efficient, we roll them into our core product. This keeps our software highly relevant to evolving data collection demands and user needs.

With AUTOSOL as your partner, you get these functionality updates as they are released – no upgrade costs necessary.

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AUTOSOL’s Product Training Sessions

Whether you are new to the industry, unfamiliar with our data communications management platform, or just need to refresh your skills, our product training staff will get you the exact knowledge you need.

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