Handle OPC DA Data Updates Without the Need for an HMI Application

AUTOSOL’s lightweight, cost-effective DbClient application retrieves requested current-value data from an OPC server and provides it in standardized SQL format.

Values to OPC items on the selected OPC server are written through DbClient’s processing queue and the results of each transaction are captured.

Write OPC DA values to virtually any database efficiently.

DbClient provides time-stamps when a new value is received from the OPC server, streamlining the process to store and record the most recent value and quality for flagged OPC items.

  • Add, activate, or remove OPC items with ease

  • Streamline access to OPC data updates

  • Save costs – DbClient is licensed by install and not points


DbClient Key Features

DbClient is flexible to configure and can help keep HMI points down by eliminating the need to add points that only need to be on reports.

Features Include:

  • Storage of OPC item data whenever a new value is received from the item’s OPC server
  • Clear and open configuration tables that can be modified and dynamically interacted with via your SQL programming functions
  • Servers listing that will be used as data sources when reading values or data destinations
  • Writes listing of the progress, results and time stamp of each OPC write transaction
  • Groups listing of OPC groups that are available for OPC items to use
  • Processing timers to fine-tune the frequency of data updates received from the OPC server
  • Error and message logging to capture error messages, OPC connection and state changes, OPC data updates, OPC writes, and verbose messages for troubleshooting


  • The ability to write OPC values to virtually any database, leveraging existing SQL infrastructure and its replication methods to keep the data accessible
  • The ability for your SQL server to receive data from every common SCADA RTU
  • The ability to help keep HMI points down by eliminating the need to add points that only need to be on reports

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