Protocols Supported

Siemens CAMP Protocol

When paired with the AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) OPC server, the Siemens CAMP PLC protocol works to deliver operators polling data directly from the field. The device, a PLC-type protocol works to give physical control from a digital command, among other functions.

The Siemens CAMP device does not harbor historical data, something that is uncommon for PLC devices, though the lack of historical data can give it an edge above the rest. It delivers current value data, allowing operators to see the levels in the field nearly instantaneously.

Siemens CAMP and the ACM Polling Engine

ACM works to ensure that companies’ legacy devices are never out of date by offering a wide range of compatibility. ACM talks to devices in their native protocols, initiating communication for physical controls – in the case of a PLC device. Acting as a master in the communication, ACM will reach out to the device in its native protocol. Employees can obtain data from the field by using ACM to deploy a request for data from the Siemens CAMP device. That data is then fed back into the control room through its common protocol, Object Link and Embedding for Process Control (OPC), as ACM is an OPC server.

The benefit of using AUTOSOL’s ACM to translate these protocols ensures that legacy devices can still be used and maintained. Ultimately, the ACM ensures the Siemens CAMP can be used in conjunction with other PLC and RTU brands and devices, saving money from having to upgrade to brand new equipment.

AUTOSOL has continuously worked to create custom drivers over the years to meet the needs of client’s by both supporting legacy equipment and new products as they are being developed. For other additional details, please click to read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols. 

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