Protocols Supported

Honeywell Mercury Instruments

The Honeywell Mercury protocol works with the AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM), an advanced OPC server, to bring companies raw data from the field of industrial automation and beyond. The Honeywell Mercury device serves as an Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) device to monitor flow and pressure readings from a remote location.

The Honeywell Mercury EFM supports unsolicited messages, or ‘cry-outs’ from field devices, giving it an edge above the rest when paired with ACM. An unsolicited message occurs when the device notices that the flow and pressure inside the system has reached an atypical level.

Once the data has been received by ACM, the data can be monitored and stored for validating, accounting or tracking. ACM partners with gas measurement software systems vendors like Quorum’s FLOWCAL to help value data pulled from an Honeywell Mercury EFM.

The ACM OPC Server Works with Honeywell Mercury Instruments Protocol to Deliver Data Accurately

Communication between your remote field locations and your field offices is crucial to effectively operate. AUTOSOL’s polling engine, ACM, communicates with remote control and measurement products for reliable data acquisition and transmission.  ACM integrates with SCADA systems to seamlessly deliver data transmitted from EFMs, AMRs, RTUs and PLCs to maintain and manage Industrial Control System (ICS).

SCADA engineers rely on the data for high-level process control management crucial to oil and gas production manufacturing, other types of power plants, water and waste control, transportation and more.

Over the years several measurement companies have developed their own proprietary communication protocols and ACM supports almost each one on the market, including the older legacy equipment. As such, when the ACM polls or receives data via an RBX, the Honeywell Mercury protocol feeds SCADA systems with the field data needed to respond to alerts, operate and maintain pipeline flow. AUTOSOL’s ACM supports the Honeywell Mercury protocol to assist bringing data quickly from the field to the front office for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

For other additional details, please click to read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols. To discuss your Honeywell Mercury Instruments polling project, contact us today!

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