The AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) OPC Server works to communicate to the Dresser protocol, for the completion of mission-critical operations, ensuring the safety of both people and the environment. SCADA managers and control room operators use ACM to deploy a request for data in the field through a Dresser protocol. That data is then fed back into the control room through its common protocol, Object Link and Embedding for Process Control (OPC).. The Dresser Protocol is read-only and designed to provide real-time data from the Dresser Micro Corrector.

ACM supports Dresser Micro Corrector devices with firmware version 1.99 and earlier.

The Dresser Protocol supports the following Type Field commands :

AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) extends companies’ SCADA systems abilities

For more than 37 years, AUTOSOL (Automation Solutions) has been building custom drivers to ensure the efficient and reliable transfer of commands, programs, data and information between control systems and endpoint SCADA devices like PLCs. ACM speaks to devices in their native protocols to enable communication between incompatible devices, making it easy to add PLCs, including the Dresser protocol, to a SCADA system and ensuring information is consistently being communicated.

Because ACM isn’t dedicated to one specific protocol, companies’ various devices are able to interact. Companies will reap the benefits the ABB Totalflow offers while saving costs associated with having to update an entire SCADA system to devices that speak the ABB Totalflow protocol.

Combining the flexibility of AUTOSOL’s ACM and custom drivers means companies are not obligated to construct and update a SCADA system with only one brand and its protocols. As a leader in the industry, AUTOSOL takes communication between devices seriously. With our leading products and equipment your ABB Totalflow will be able to transmit and receive data from all other SCADA devices.

For other additional details, please read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols here. For specici details abou tthe Dresser protocol, click here.

Reach out today to learn how AUTOSOL’s suite of software works in conjunction with the Dresser protocol to get the critical pipeline field data you need.