Protocols Supported

Flow Automation Modbus protocol

Working to bring companies data from the field, from both nearby and remote locations, the AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) OPC server and Flow Automation Modbus protocol pair up to deliver clients top-of-the-line service. The two will work in conjunction to enable the most vital data is delivered, helping to ensure a compliant ICS and SCADA environment. The Flow Automation Modbus protocol delivers clients data such as readings of oil or natural gas that is flowing through a pipeline – or other medium. That data is then analyzed for billing purposes, using software such as Quorum’s Flow-Cal.

ACM and the Flow Automation Modbus Protocol

The polling engine in ACM works together with the Flow Automation Modbus protocol by delivering and collecting data to the most vital SCADA systems – securely and reliably. This partnership will ensure that information is both secure and organized when delivered to control rooms. This eases the potential worry that may exist regarding maintenance, security and production for upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

Maintaining and upgrading SCADA systems for less money

AUTOSOL has spent more than 35 years in the oil and gas communication field, and has developed numerous custom drivers to support native protocols on a variety of field devices. This work allows companies to continue to use older legacy devices while continuing to upgrade and maintain their SCADA systems. Because ACM  speaks to a variety of devices, companies are not constrained by having to settle for using just one brand of monitoring equipment. This flexibility expands company’s options that are looking to upgrade its SCADA control systems. For other additional details, please click to read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols. 

Connect with us to learn more about how ACM supports the Flow Automation Modbus protocol and many other Modbus protocols.

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