Protocols Supported

Benchmark Protocol and ACM

The Benchmark Protocol works in tandem with the AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) OPC server to bring companies a reliable reading of hourly, daily, alarm, event and minute records. This is done by Benchmark’s ability to store those records within its hardware.

Benchmark Protocol works as an Electronic Flow Management (EFM) protocol, allowing for historical EFM data to be retrieved and stored for auditing and analyzing trends. If commanded to do so, ACM will retrieve those records and deliver them for measurement applications used in the field and/or corporate office.

ACM can be utilized by polling Benchmark data from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) by using Benchmark’s native protocol. The data is then sent back from the device and can be presented in a manner that is optimal for operator control screens in a Human Machine Interface (HMI) environment.

ACM is able to read current data values from the Benchmark protocol to deliver it to HMI systems, giving customers immediate reads of their most valuable data out in the field. This enables operators to see data in the present moment, as it is happening. This ensures operations can run smoothly, accurately and efficiently in the most crucial industrial executions.

ACM works with Benchmark to give you instantaneous value from the field

ACM’s polling engine serves as the master that demands a response from the Benchmark device, to deliver field data back through the ACM. As a master, ACM will always request communication from Benchmark, never the other way around. ACM also provides the ability to read the complete configuration of Benchmark devices, and can write the configuration back to the device if commanded to do so. This feature gives operators complete control over his/her devices in the field and offers a way to directly communicate with those devices thousands of miles away.

In the world of SCADA, many different brands of devices have been put into use over the years, each with its own separate protocol. AUTOSOL’s ACM communication hub has developed many custom drivers to support legacy SCADA and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems, within this one software application. Since ACM supports many protocols, it reduces the upfront costs associated with upgrading your industrial controls systems. This allows ACM’s multi-protocol ability to support the integration of the older legacy devices with new emerging metering technologies.

As a leader in the industrial automation industry, AUTOSOL takes communication and security between devices seriously. Combining the flexibility of AUTOSOL’s ACM and custom drivers means companies are not obligated to construct and update a SCADA system with one brand and its protocols. With our leading software products and hardware equipment you will be able to transmit and receive data with your Benchmark PLC and RTUs as well as all other SCADA devices.

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