Data Communications for Building Automation Systems:

We Orchestrate Data Delivery So You Can Optimize Operations

Bring together diverse building controls and enterprise data in any format for holistic access and analysis: all from a single platform.

We provide one platform to communicate with an array of BMS, automated controls and data repositories. With data no longer isolated in silos, insights and inefficiencies can be discovered faster.

You’ll gain a complete view of operational performance and can prioritize actions accordingly. Whether making immediate fixes to underperforming equipment or defining strategies for the long term, AUTOSOL facilitates ROI.

Interconnect and Rapidly Access Information from Automation Tools & Sensors

Buildings rely on countless automation systems to orchestrate their everyday operations effectively. AUTOSOL’s multi-protocol polling engine acts as a translator between different manufacturers’ devices, converting their communications into standardized OPC format for delivery to control systems. Now this data can be shared amongst stakeholders, business systems and other assets to enhance automation and guide decision making.

Our platform also ensures that new smart technologies can be deployed alongside legacy systems. That means you can extend the life of existing investments while still capitalizing on new automation innovations.



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Going Beyond Software:

Enable Building-Wide Data Communications for Advanced Control

By connecting diverse building systems – from lighting to mechanical equipment to security systems – and data sources, AUTOSOL gives building managers centralized control to monitor and optimize thousands of system parameters at once. This could include real-time views of sensor values from anywhere in the building, so that issues or alerts can be addressed before they cause downtime, or high-resolution data collected over time for analysis of possible performance improvements.

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Automation is at Its Best with AUTOSOL

Building managers can rely on AUTOSOL for the deployment of a comprehensive data communications solution tailored end-to-end to their unique needs. Here’s why:

AUTOSOL can convert the native protocols used by leading BMS, SCADA, and automation systems to OPC format, the interoperability standard for data exchange in the industrial automation space, to ensure seamless flow of information among devices from multiple manufacturers.

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Unlike many industrial automation vendors, AUTOSOL offers the flexibility and engineering expertise to enhance the functionality and scalability of our products as needed to fit your needs. Don’t see the protocol or feature you’re looking for? We can customize our platform to accommodate your requirements.

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Lack of real-time access to critical BMS and monitoring data leaves you at risk of missing major building system issues impacting building efficiency and overall safety. That is why ACM provides redundancy at several levels, including redundant communication paths, redundant configurations, and load sharing, all of which allow automatic switch-over upon detection of a failure.


Typical buildings utilize many different control systems, from HVAC to electrical to fire panels. AUTOSOL removes the roadblocks of managing these multiple proprietary systems, giving customers flexibility to interoperate and manage in a single view of all automated data.

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ACM includes diagnostic tools to reduce downtime in the event of technical difficulties. With comprehensive communication metrics and automated reports, technicians can save valuable time by reviewing system data to plan for fixes before dispatching to the site for repairs.

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Bring Us Your Demands, Experience Our Expertise

As our customer, you’re not just a client, but a valued collaborator with direct input on the direction our solutions take. Our users’ real-world insights impact the robustness, relevancy and usability of our products. This keeps our software highly relevant to evolving data collection demands and to the ultimate user: you.

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