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As an AUTOSOL partner, you gain access to much more than our proven software for industrial data communications: you add our SCADA and automation experts to your team, and their insights to help solve your customers’ biggest data delivery challenges.

We are passionate about helping our partners succeed. We take pride in our long history of game-changing industrial automation innovation for safer, data-optimized operations, and know that it is just the beginning of what we can achieve when we combine our perspectives and talents with other innovators in the industrial space.

Adding Power to the Edge, Together!

eACM, a multiple-protocol-to-MQTT edge software, can be embedded on a multitude of platforms to bring the next level of data-driven architecture to your clients. eACM is lightweight and capable of running on dozens of hardwares and integrates with the latest and legacy systems. Become an eACM partner today to get eACM on your devices or integrate eACM into your solutions.

Provide a Modern Polling Solution to Your Customers

Interested in incorporating the leading software for industrial data communications into your own portfolio of offerings? ACM is powering the critical infrastructures of some of the largest industrial enterprises across the world, and can support your customers’ data access and delivery demands too. Partnering with AUTOSOL today allows you to resell this powerful software or integrate it into your own solutions.

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