Protocols Supported

DNP3 FB Series Protocol

Together with the AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) OPC server, the DNP3 FB Series protocol works efficiently to bring companies’ crucial data from the field.

The DNP3 FB Series is a protocol that serves as a bit of a mixture of both an EFM and PLC-like device. In the aspect of serving as a PLC, the device performs extremely rapid data monitoring in the industry. This allows for companies to obtain its most crucial data from the field for analysis back in the field office, or corporate office.

The DNP3 FB Series device/protocol is primarily used in the electrical industry, but can be used in other realms if needed. This versatile device can bring a sense of security to operators to trust that, paired with ACM, can deliver your most valuable field data to its final destination for analysis.

The device also has the ability to archive records in its hardware. This means that companies’ most desired information can be stored in the device itself, ready to be retrieved at the command.

Conversation Initiation

DNP3 FB Series will utilize a device-initiated messaging procedure, allowing it to reach out to ACM in emergency situations. ACM typically works as the master in digital device communication by initiating conversation with field devices. ACM operates by speaking to protocols such as DNP3 FB Series in its native protocol for the completion of the most vital operations. Operators can use ACM to deploy a request for data in the field through the device’s native protocol.

This operation is supplemented by this protocol by the device’s ability to initiate conversation. The protocol will reach out to ACM typically when there is some form of alarm condition. This way, the device is able to tell the host software to poll for data immediately instead of waiting for the next scheduled poll.

Together with ACM, this function will give operators a peace of mind knowing that this device will alert them when a problem arises in the field. Shortly after the host software receives the data, operators will have the data they need to move forward with procedural steps.

DNP3 FB Series Protocol and ACM OPC Server

By pairing ACM with DNP3 FB Series, users can have the luxury of polling current data and event records. This enables users to use ACM to digitally speak to DNP3 FB Series through its native protocol.

For current data, ACM will demand polling information from DNP3 FB Series and will deliver it to an HMI environment for analysis. For event records, users can trust ACM to retrieve information regarding events in the past, as the device will store information in its memory.

This information is primarily small records that contain an old value — and a new value for some data point that changed. This permits operators to obtain easily-transferable information in the field office from devices in the field. For other additional details, please click to read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols. 

AUTOSOL is committed to ensuring reliable data from the field, by supporting numerous protocols. To learn more about how our software solutions incorporates the DNP3 FB Series protocol, reach out to one of our industrial automation experts today.

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