Protocols Supported

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® Protocol

AUTOSOL’s OPC server for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix driver communicates in its native protocol for the completion of mission-critical operations. The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix series of PLCs are used mostly for high-speed data monitoring in manufacturing operations or oil/gas compressor stations. Capable of being used in extreme environments, the collection and analysis of their data helps to optimize production and management for oil and gas production plants, airlines, water treatment facilities and more.

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix (sometimes referred to as Control Logix) protocol driver is supported by the AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) OPC server to assist control room engineers, technicians and others to digitally transfer data to and from the physical world. AUTOSOL’S polling engine ACM allows you to easily communicate with all your remote devices and their protocols within one application.

Once an Allen-Bradley PLC and/or RTU captures data, it is delivered electronically via the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix protocol. AUTOSOL’s ACM collects data in the native protocol for use with your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Electronic Flow Metering (EFM) systems.


Over the years, several different brands of equipment using their own proprietary protocol can be added to a pipeline and other assets being monitored. For instance, as an Allen-Bradley PLC, ControlLogix only speaks an Allen-Bradley protocol, meaning the language used to deliver data to your control system is unique and meant to be used solely with Allen-Bradley products and equipment.

Because the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix speaks a proprietary protocol, SCADA systems using this PLC and others, had run into communication challenges with their legacy SCADA devices, until the engineers at AUTOSOL created to ACM to solve the issue.

The benefit of using AUTOSOL’s ACM to decipher these protocols ensures that legacy devices can still be used and maintained. Ultimately, the ACM ensures the ControlLogix can be used in conjunction with other PLC and RTU brands and devices, saving money from having to upgrade to brand new equipment.

Using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix at the Edge

AUTOSOL’s eACM helps to evolve legacy Allen-Bradley ControlLogix devices to today’s IIoT technology for real-time data to MQTT Sparkplug B. eACM sits on edge devices to poll end devices using Enron Modbus as well as many other protocols and then published to a MQTT Sparkplug B broker. 

AUTOSOL has continuously worked to create custom drivers over the years to meet the needs of client’s by both supporting legacy equipment and new products as they are being developed. For other additional details, please click to read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols. 

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