Edge-Based Polling for Fast, Efficient Remote Data Delivery using MQTT or MQTT Sparkplug B

AUTOSOL’s eACM brings a new polling approach to traditional SCADA systems to transform how remote data insights are delivered: providing higher resolution data using less network resources.

eACM translates real-time native RTU and PLC protocols into MQTT or MQTT Sparkplug B, the leading messaging protocol for IIoT. MQTT is highly efficient because it uses a report-by-exception approach to publish values to an MQTT broker only when conditions have changed. This frees up more bandwidth for high-fidelity data acquisition. Here’s how:

Eliminates unnecessary poll-response overhead.

eACM works by polling an end device locally in its native protocol to identify a change of value for a tag. As soon as the value changes, eACM sends the new value to the MQTT broker which then pushes it to any application subscribed to the broker. Unlike poll-response, eACM polls at the RTU- or PLC-level and publishes only if the value changes rather than at every pre-set polling interval, significantly reducing overhead.

  • Reduce bandwidth consumption of your applications by as much as 90%

  • Handle thousands of tags at once and set deadbands and alarms for each

  • Deliver more data to your control systems at configurable intervals

Delivers higher resolution data for deeper analysis.

eACM can handle local poll-response between itself and an end device as fast as every 50 milliseconds. Because it supports the MQTT Sparkplug B specification, it can be configured to push that polling data to the broker at a pre-configured interval (e.g., 1 second data pushed to broker every 1 hour).

eACM will also automatically restore data after an outage. It stores data locally when connections are interrupted, to send to the broker when connection is re-established.

eACM also provides a platform for functional applications to run on the edge of your network to make the most out of your infrastructure.

  • Backfill data for higher resolution or in the event of a communication outage

  • See in detailed data what is happening in the field in between polls

  • Control alert thresholds and how often new values are published

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Increasing Data Retrieval Capacity

See how eACM enabled Flywheel Energy to increase its data resolution 60-fold & reduce plunger optimization time to 1-2 days – a 14x increase in speed.

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Collects EFM data from the edge. 

eACM can collect electronic flow measurement (EFM) data from the edge and deliver it to your measurement team via MQTT Sparkplug B (SPB).

eACM polls the RTU and collects the history records. It then sends the data over MQTT SPB to ACM. Once in ACM, the data can be published through the channels currently enjoyed by your organization such as Flow-Cal Transaction Queue, CFX files, etc.

eACM’s EFM collection method works alongside ACM’s method, allowing clients to maintain existing practices while simultaneously integrating new technologies.

Completely manage deployed eACMs from one location. 

AUTOSOL App Manager allows multiple eACMs to be configured, remotely updated, and managed from one location.

Once an eACM device is connected to the broker, AUTOSOL App Manager automatically detects and adds it to your server. From there, every eACM can be configured individually or collectively. The Manager also allows for software and dependency updates to be pushed to deployed eACMs over the same MQTT SPB channel that polling data is sent over.

Troubleshoot and manage hundreds to thousands of eACMs from one pane of glass using the Manager’s other features such as logging and the multi-edit tool.

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Secure your connections with eACM 

eACM’s use of MQTT SPB with TLS 1.2 for data acquisition, EFM and management means that all your data is encrypted in compliance with TSA and FERC regulations.

IT departments only need to open one port for all communication to your field assets, reducing your attack surface.

Legacy compatible across systems.

Although eACM utilizes the full potential of MQTT, not every SCADA system is compatible with the technology. For those HMIs and services that want MQTT data, but rely on ODBC or OPC DA connections, AUTOSOL Bridge™ is the solution.

Residing on a server or in the cloud, AUTOSOL Bridge™ converts the MQTT data into real-time OPC DA data that any OPC client can use. AUTOSOL Bridge™ can also backfill MQTT Sparkplug B data into a historian or HMI.

eACM Key Features

eACM is built on the same ultra-reliable, secure foundation for which every AUTOSOL solution is known. It enables a new method to access more data from remote devices: the key to unlocking new IIoT advantages.


  • Communication with multiple protocols simultaneously
  • Communication with multiple end-devices simultaneously
  • Local storage of data when connection is interrupted; stored data is sent when connection is re-established
  • Data backfilling to your system after losing connection
  • Prioritization of data flows between multiple masters for serial networks

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  • Leverages MQTT, which uses up to 90% less bandwidth than traditional poll-response
  • eACM software now supports EFM. Using MQTT, eACM delivers reliable, accurate EFM data from the edge to the enterprise.
  • Allows edge applications to run using RTU or PLC data
  • Portable and lightweight; fits onto most edge computing devices

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Get Data-Driven with eACM

eACM is a lightweight software that fits on almost any Linux-based edge modem, switch, router or radio. See how eACM deployed in your industrial environment will transform the efficiency with which you collect and, in turn, act on the valuable data constantly generated by your field assets.

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Let’s put eACM to work for you.

eACM is currently available pre-integrated on the Dell EMC EGW-5200, FitPC fitlet2, Moxa’s UC8100, 3100, and V2201 industrial computers, the Stratus ztC Edge, the RAD SecFlow-1 gateway, Raspberry Pi, and XetaWave’s XetaEdge9 900 MHz Edge Radio and XetaEdge Edge Computer. However, the software is hardware-agnostic and customizable for specific platform and protocol requirements.


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