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AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM), Advanced OPC Server

Multi-Protocol Polling Engine for Historical & Real-Time Data Delivery

Our full-featured platform for industrial data communications, ACM gives you the simplicity of a singular solution to handle your diverse devices, protocols and data access requirements.

Whether you want instantaneous updates on sensor values from the field or to collect EFM data for product measurement and compliance, the ACM advanced polling engine and OPC server can support your data collection demands. It delivers real-time and historical data via a single or multiple telemetry circuits in standardized OPC format to any HMI, databases, or data validation and accounting systems. Here’s how we do it:

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Bridges the gap between legacy and IIoT devices.

As a multi-protocol translator, our OPC server ACM communicates with a wide variety of manufacturers’ field devices and meters in their native protocol. It is built to scale from small to large enterprise systems.

  • Implement the latest and greatest automation tools alongside existing equipment

  • Greatly extend the useful life of in-place systems

  • Allow for streamlined, vendor-agnostic growth and expansion

Delivers anytime data, both past and present.

In addition to delivering real-time data from remote RTUs, PLCs and metering devices, ACM allows high-resolution historical data to be retrieved and stored for auditing compliance and analysis of trends over time.

  • Get in-the-moment insights into the performance of distributed field assets

  • Facilitate proper yield allocation with access to precise production measurements

  • Uphold compliance requirements with tracking of metering system data

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ACM OPC Server for real time at airports

What’s New with ACM?

Discover what’s new with our ACM software for industrial data communications and the added efficiencies, security, and value it can bring to your enterprise.



ACM Key Features

ACM is the latest generation of AUTOSOL’s communication management software, proven for decades to meet the reliability, security and diverse data collection demands of top industrial leaders.


  • Multiple protocols over a single telemetry channel or circuit
  • Concurrent polling through any type of telemetry
  • SCADA control and EFM/AMR systems simultaneously in a single installation
  • Multiple local and remote concurrent users to allow your team to work together without difficulty
  • Retrieval of archived data from EFM/AMR devices; data can be published to multiple formats, databases, and validation/accounting systems
  • The ability to modify the configuration while the product is on-line without server restart
  • Redundant communication paths, redundant configuration (via SQL Server) and allows HMI control of primary / backup switch-over
  • Easy and automatic generation and sending of reports varying from device communication status to missing records

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  • Protocol modules developed to support legacy SCADA and AMR systems used during the extended transition to new SCADA host systems or data warehouse systems
  • Robust logger and dashboard as diagnostic tools to be used by local or remote support personnel
  • Audit trail for configuration changes, as well as the commands that are issued

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ACM, Anywhere, Anytime

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Provides Access to ACM from Any Device

The ACM Mobile Portal (AMP) is a web-based application designed to provide access to ACM reports and device information in a platform-independent way. The responsive UI design conforms to many modern web browsers, device screen sizes and operating systems, and there’s no need to install any files on client devices wishing to use the application.

AMP is designed to work with the existing ACM security model, and users must login and authenticate through ACM. Once authenticated, AMP creates a session for the user and authorizes access to application pages. Users can be configured as administrators, which allows administrative page access during the session.

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Get Data-Driven with ACM

See how our robust software can be applied in your unique environment to give you the power to access and act on more operational data, faster.

ACM OPC Server for oil & gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

ACM OPC Server for water wastewater



ACM RT for building automation management

Building Automation System

Building Automation System

Let’s put ACM to work for you.

AUTOSOL employs a dynamic team of software engineers and developers who are continually enhancing the flexibility, scalability and functionality of our products to meet customers’ evolving data collection demands.

Have specific requirements? We’ll customize ACM to your unique needs.


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