AUTOSOL offers timely and secure solutions for data transmissions to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) systems. The world’s largest corporations know they can count on AUTOSOL for real time and historical data delivery.

Since 1987, AUTOSOL has been delivering powerful automation solutions software and hardware products, and Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) software to improve data performance and ensure its reliable, secure collection and delivery. Steadfast EFM and SCADA data helps measure and monitor effectively. As an early proponent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), we’ve been leading the way to solve your industrial automation challenges well before the term was popular.

With an ever-growing range of devices, from those with the latest technologies to older equipment whose life must be extended to keep costs down, you expect SCADA communication to be dependable and occur in real-time. And in today’s environment, you depend on being able to securely transmit, monitor and control data, regardless of the number of devices in the system.

We offer a comprehensive set of products, such as the Autosol Communication Manager (ACM), that continues to set industry standards for ease of configuration and optimization, supporting communication across different manufacturer devices in their native protocols and over a single or multiple telemetry circuits. Our patented CryptoMod communication and security appliance solution delivers peace of mind for mission-critical infrastructure.

Beyond our products, our team of professionals provide expert installation and configuration support, training and software development. By leveraging our products with the expertise of our people, you are assured of a communications solution that delivers a rapid return on investment, and can be adapted to easily handle future needs.

With our comprehensive suite of data management solutions and experienced, innovative team, AUTOSOL has what it takes to keep your Data in motion.