Data Communications for Oil & Gas:

Keeping Data Moving and Production Flowing

Gain a complete view of your oil and gas operations – from production to pipeline to distribution – with the help of a single partner: AUTOSOL.

With our industrial communications platform, data once siloed in proprietary systems or stranded in the field is unified, accessible and made shareable across assets and stakeholders in every business unit.

As a result, your oil & gas enterprise can analyze operations holistically, see issues readily and prioritize optimization efforts for the best ROI.

Built for the Devices, Data Access and Growth Demands of Oil & Gas Operations

Our advanced protocol translator was built from the ground up for the data communication needs of the oil & gas industry by enabling the interconnectivity of a diverse field of PLCs, RTUs and flow meters.

Acquiring new systems with new pipeline? Looking to add new automation tools for a digital oilfield? With AUTOSOL you can easily implement them alongside in-place equipment to extend the life of legacy assets and ensure vendor-agnostic growth.



5 Key Considerations for Highly Effective Data Delivery

What does an industrial data communications solution need to support today’s modern and data-intensive operations? We explore.


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Going Beyond Software:

End-to-End Solutions & SCADA Expertise

We’ve supported oil & gas leaders for decades and understand the full context in which our solutions must run. It is through our expansive SCADA systems expertise and unique combination of software, hardware and integration services that we solve your oilfield’s distinct data communication challenges.

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Setting the Standard of Data Delivery in Oil & Gas

AUTOSOL changed the game in SCADA communications decades ago with the first software for multi-protocol support over a single channel – and we continue to advance the industry as the de facto choice of energy leaders today. Here’s why:

AUTOSOL supports the native protocols of the leading PLC, RTU and flow metering device manufacturers in oil & gas. We can also customize our platform to add the protocols you need.

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With our AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) software, oil & gas operations can collect both real-time and historical data from their field devices, providing everything needed to manage diverse systems in a single installation.

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Breaks in communication of data on mission-critical oil & gas equipment and processes can have extreme impact on operational productivity, safety and security. That is why ACM provides redundancy at several levels, including redundant communication paths, redundant configurations, and load sharing, all of which allow automatic switch-over upon detection of a failure.

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ACM supports the export of data to Flow-Cal and PGAS validation software packages, in addition to your own data warehouses through SQL or CSV formats. ACM’s cutomizable nature gives you the flexibility to send data to fit your process – not fitting your process to ACM.

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ACM includes diagnostic tools to reduce downtime in the event of technical difficulties. With comprehensive communication metrics and automated reports, technicians can save valuable time by reviewing system data to plan for fixes before dispatching to the site for repairs.

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Products & People You Can Count On

We know your data challenges because we’ve lived them. Our team members have been the power users of industrial automation software in the oilfield, and apply that experience to ensure our own solutions are robust, relevant, reliable and easy for operators to use.

We realize oil & gas enterprises are under pressure to access and act on more operational data, faster. AUTOSOL’s team responds with an equal sense of urgency to deliver remote data collection and automation solutions that exceed expectations, not timelines.



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