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Real-Time Only Version of the ACM Polling Engine

Optimized for delivery speed, ACM R/T SCADA provides the immediate data needed to gain a real-time view of operational performance.

ACM R/T SCADA communicates with a wide variety of manufacturers’ field devices and meters in their native protocol and delivers their real-time data values to SCADA systems, HMIs and other applications in standardized OPC format via a single or multiple telemetry circuits. Here’s how:

Breaks down silos for seamless data exchange.

ACM R/T SCADA supports proprietary and open protocols, enabling legacy devices to interoperate with new and emerging technologies. Data can be collected over one or many telemetry circuit connections simultaneously and is delivered in one information stream to various databases or control systems.

  • Interface in-place monitoring and control devices with next-gen automation tools

  • Unify data views from distributed field assets of any make or model

  • Create a communications hub to which new devices can be easily added as operations scale

Provides real-time data to take rapid action.

ACM R/T SCADA gives personnel, both remote and local, the timely data they need to identify, diagnose and resolve operational issues before they cause costly losses or downtime.

  • Remotely assess problems and proactively plan for on-site fixes

  • Prioritize actions based on an end-to-end view of site performance

  • Optimize decision-making with in-the-moment data on your operations

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Bringing It All Together

See how AUTOSOL’s platform solves the challenges of securely collecting, accessing and sharing data at scale from all the devices that comprise your industrial environment.


ACM R/T SCADA Key Features

While ACM R/T SCADA is the lite version of AUTOSOL’s ACM software, polling for real-time data only, it is built on the same robust foundation to meet industrial-grade reliability and security requirements.


  • Multiple protocols over a single telemetry channel or circuit
  • Concurrent polling through any type of telemetry
  • Multiple local and remote concurrent users to allow your team to work together without difficulty
  • The ability to modify the configuration while the product is on-line without server restart
  • Redundant communication paths, redundant configuration (via SQL Server) and allows HMI control of primary / backup switch-over
  • Easy and automatic generation and sending of reports varying from device communication status to missing records

Explore supported protocols


  • Protocol modules developed to support legacy SCADA and AMR systems used during the extended transition to new SCADA host systems or data warehouse systems
  • Robust logger and dashboard as diagnostic tools to be used by local or remote support personnel
  • Audit trail for configuration changes, as well as the commands that are issued

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Let’s put ACM R/T SCADA to work for you.

Every industrial environment presents unique data collection challenges. AUTOSOL’s software engineers are ready to collaborate with you to deliver the flexible, scalable functionality and protocol support your operations require.

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