Many Devices & Data Access Requirements. One Industrial Data Platform to Bring It All Together.

AUTOSOL overcomes the challenges of securely collecting, accessing and sharing data from the devices that comprise your industrial environment. Applying multi-protocol communications to unify your operational-wide view, we help you see new opportunities for measurable gains.

Getting data from the field to the control room and, ultimately, the enterprise requires end-to-end orchestration of systems, software, hardware and communications. AUTOSOL’s industrial data communications platform goes beyond just software to help ensure complete solution success.

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Comprehensive Knowledge and Solutions

Other industrial automation vendors offer standard software; AUTOSOL provides solutions to operational challenges. Our portfolio of historical, real-time and edge data collection solutions can be customized to your system and protocol requirements. We’ve also built a number of add-on applications to further enhance your workflow efficiencies.

Industrial Data Communications Platform

Additional Applications

We understand the full context in which our solutions must run, and apply deep SCADA and automation systems expertise to help optimize and troubleshoot your installation from server to network to end device.

AUTOSOL's industrial data communications platform at work

Ready to Get Data-Driven?

AUTOSOL’s platform for industrial data communications sets the standard for ultra-reliable access to previously isolated field devices and the insights they hold. Unlock your ability to collect and share mission-critical operational information, and the value of your data for effective decision making.