Data Communications for Water & Wastewater:

Unify Your View of Compliance and Performance

Automate collection and storage of water treatment facility data to support compliance and optimize operational performance with the help of a single partner: AUTOSOL.

We provide one platform to capture both historical data required for regulatory reporting and real-time values of systems health, extracted from any number of proprietary devices and devices in the field.

Now unified and ready for distribution, this data can be shared across the business and used to assess processes holistically, rapidly diagnose issues and prioritize future strategies.

Ensure Interoperability Between Legacy Systems and New Smart Devices

AUTOSOL’s multi-protocol polling engines communicate with different field devices in their native protocol and orchestrate their information into a common stream for simplified access and analysis. Insights from previously isolated or inaccessible assets can now be readily collected, integrated, acted on and shared across assets and people.

That means AUTOSOL’s platform keeps you ready for growth. New technologies like smart devices will interoperate with legacy systems, extending existing investments while letting you tap the value of next-gen devices.



5 Key Considerations for Highly Effective Data Delivery

What does an industrial data communications solution need to support today’s modern and data-intensive operations? We explore.


Going Beyond Software:

Achieve New Operational Gains, Immediately and Over Time

Harness the power of real-time data to ensure that all water and wastewater treatment systems are operating at peak performance, avoiding the costs associated with unplanned downtime. AUTOSOL’s software will also capture and store high-resolution historical data to help automate the process of reporting for regulatory compliance and provide insight into areas for further optimization over time.

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Everything Water Treatment Facilities Need to Get Data-Driven

The water/wastewater environment presents a number of challenges to achieve reliable, unified data communications. AUTOSOL’s platform is made to solve those problems. Here’s how:

AUTOSOL’s polling engines translate the native protocols of the leading PLC, RTU and metering devices used by water & wastewater facilities to OPC format for delivery to any HMI, databases or data validation and accounting systems. We can also customize our platform to add the protocols you need.

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Uphold stringent regulatory requirements for permitting and compliance with ACM, which enables seamless collection and storage of historical data from devices monitoring water quality, emissions, wasteload and more.


Optimizing the efficiency and safety of water & wastewater treatment processes requires all-the-time access to critical data coming from those operations. That is why ACM provides redundancy at several levels, including redundant communication paths, redundant configurations, and load sharing, all of which allow automatic switch-over upon detection of a failure.

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Enterprises across the water utility market are seeking to implement new smart technologies while still having to address legacy water system issues. AUTOSOL’s platform enables water/wastewater facilities to extract and in turn operationalize the data from all their equipment, both old and new, and evolve to a model of asset-centric decision making.

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ACM includes diagnostic tools to reduce downtime in the event of technical difficulties. With comprehensive communication metrics and automated reports, technicians can save valuable time by reviewing system data to plan for fixes before dispatching to the site for repairs.

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Bringing It All Together

Over our long history the AUTOSOL team has built a deep knowledge of not only protocols, but of the communications, security, field devices and HMIs that come together to create the complete SCADA system views. It’s how we’re able to go beyond just software to help optimize your solution end to end.

As a trusted technology advisor and partner to some of the largest water & wastewater facilities today, we’re proud to share our expertise and deliver future-ready solutions grounded in rich historical experience.


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