AUTOSOL’s ACM R/T SCADA supports the ABB SpiritIT Flow-X driver to rapidly transfer data from remote field devices to a control room in real-time. SCADA engineers and technicians running a control room can use ACM R/T SCADA to poll for data in the field through an ABB SpiritIT Flow-X driver, using the device’s REST API. ACM R/T SCADA is an OPC server and transmits data into the control room through its common protocol, Object Link and Embedding for Process Control (OPC). ACM R/T SCADA is a real-time only variant of ACM. Only the full version of ACMretains history. 

Used primarily for measurement applications, SpiritIT Flow-X is able to retrieve archived flow volume records that represent a custody transfer of an oil or gas product from a supplier to the purchaser. We are also able to read both Realtime and EFM values, as well as reports.  

The protocol is one of many that ACM R/T SCADA is compatible with to help make SCADA environments more manageable and more organized to ensure organized operation through a Human Machine Interface (HMI). HMI software is typically an OPC client application which can request data from the OPC server — or ACM R/T SCADA. 

ACM R/T SCADA works with the ABB SpiritIT Flow-X driver to give you instantaneous values from the field 

SCADA operators are always kept fully informed of the pipeline’s current state as the ABB SpiritIT Flow-X is capable of retrieving process data from the field. This commanded data from ACM R/T SCADA is an instantaneous value, and includes things like pressure, temperature, flow rates, etc. Control room technicians are constantly kept apprised of all data points provided by the SpiritIT Flow-X. 

In this chain of communication, ACM R/T SCADA serves as the master, demanding a response from the protocol, to deliver field data back through the ACM R/T SCADA. As a master, ACM R/T SCADA will always request communication from SpiritIT Flow-X. It is data such as this that ensures operations can run smoothly, accurately and efficiently in the most crucial industrial executions.