Protocols Supported

DynaPump Modbus Protocol

The AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) polling engine supports the DynaPump Modbus protocol in an industry of many Modbus versions. While several devices may support their own versions of Modbus, ACM converts all of them.

How it works

The DynaPump Modbus protocol typically works with Plunger Lift/Pump-off Controllers in some of the most remote locations. ACM will retrieve data from the DynaPump using the Modbus Protocol and deliver it back to the control room or corporate office for analysis — as ACM is an OPC server.

DynaPump Modbus Protocol and ACM

The DynaPump device will typically store historical data in its hardware. This includes data such as time, flow and pressure information to be used for analysis. This data is then used for accounting purposes utilizing software such as Quorum’s FLOWCAL. This permits operators to obtain easily-transferable information in the field office from devices in the field.

Beginning in 1992, DynaPump, Inc. produced mounted artificial lift systems for the oil and gas industry, utilizing electronic sensors, hydraulic cylinders and other features. By using ACM’s advanced OPC server, you can ensure that some of your most legacy devices can operate in an ever-changing world of SCADA and Modbus. To ensure your company is getting the most accurate data from the field, you can trust that ACM will pair with your DynaPump Modbus Protocol.

AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) extends companies’ SCADA systems abilities

For more than 35 years, AUTOSOL (Automation Solutions) has been building custom drivers to ensure the efficient and reliable transfer of commands, programs, data and information between control systems and endpoint SCADA devices like RTUs and PLCs. The ACM polling engine speaks to these types of devices in their native protocols, making it easy to add devices, including DynaPump, to a SCADA system and ensuring information is consistently being transferred.

Because ACM isn’t dedicated to one specific protocol, it is able to interact with DynaPump devices as well as many others. Companies will reap the benefits the DynaPump offers while saving costs associated with having to update an entire SCADA system to use devices that all speak the same protocol.

Combining the flexibility of AUTOSOL’s ACM and custom drivers means companies are not obligated to construct and update a SCADA system with one brand and its protocols. As a leader in the industry, AUTOSOL takes communication between devices seriously.

Contact AUTOSOL to setup a time to speak to one of our SCADA experts about the DynaPump Modbus protocol. Our developers can handle just about any version of Modbus, and we look forward to solving your remote data collection problems.

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