Protocols Supported

Enron Modbus Protocol

AUTOSOL Communication Manager ® (ACM), an advanced OPC server, boasts a custom driver for supporting the Enron Modbus protocol to assist in the management of your ICS and SCADA systems. The Enron Modbus protocol — developed by the Enron Corporation — has the ability to transmit operator and alarm event logs, as well as historical data through the ACM polling engine.

As a high performance, flexible communication device, ACM can securely and easily configure, poll and transmit flow measurement data—storing historical data directly in its hardware. This flow data is transmitted to a control room or corporate headquarters to an HMI whereby the data can be analyzed. This information is often used in accounting software programs like ABB Totalflow and Quorum’s Flow-Cal.. These measurement details help process and bill the custody transfer for oil and gas transactions between buyers and suppliers.

ACM and the Enron Modbus Protocol: providing instant reads and tracking historical data

Together, ACM and the Enron Modbus protocol enable flow measurement analyzed to optimize a pipeline’s performance. By polling the field device, pipeline operators are alerted of any changes in pressure or flow to ensure a safe environment from tanks to processing and manufacturing plants. The ACM delivers the data via the Enron Modbus protocol to an HMI used in the control room, where the flow data is visualized and interpreted.

Using Enron Modbus at the Edge

AUTOSOL’s eACM helps to evolve legacy Enron Modbus devices to today’s IIoT technology for real-time data to MQTT Sparkplug B. eACM sits on edge devices to poll end devices using Enron Modbus as well as many other protocols and then published to a MQTT Sparkplug B broker. 

ACM extends companies’ legacy field devices

For over 35 years, AUTOSOL has built custom drivers to ensure the reliable transfer of commands, programs, data and information between control systems and endpoint SCADA devices. ACM speaks to remote field devices in a large variety of native protocols to enable communication between incompatible devices, making it easy to add PLCs, RTU and other field devices to a SCADA system and ensuring transmission data is consistently being communicated.

Because AUTOSOL has built custom drivers for numerous native protocols, companies are not obligated to update a SCADA system with just one brand of equipment. Companies can save costs while continuing to use their legacy devices by upgrading other components in their SCADA system.

For other additional details, please click to read our release notes and features supported from our list of supported protocols. Contact us today to learn more about how ACM supports Enron Modbus and many other protocols.

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