Gain an Accurate Accounting of Total System / Pipeline Value

AUTOSOL’s LinePack energy calculator performs complex mathematical equations to determine energy contained in specific segments of the pipeline.

This application helps monitor pipeline performance by dynamically calculating pipe segment volume at set intervals; the resulting data helps inform pipeline control of exactly what is coming out of the ground.

Combine volume calculations to derive total system / pipeline value.

Pulling and integrating input from field devices across the pipeline, LinePack delivers accounting, operational and safety insights based on exact energy volumes and yield, both in targeted pipeline segments and across the entire system.

  • Accurately calculate energy volumes contained in specific pipeline segments

  • See the value of your entire pipeline to optimize forecasting and operational control

  • Configure upstream and downstream pressures and temperatures as independent points

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LinePack Key Features

LinePack is a fully-configurable add-on solution that works in tandem with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert.


  • AGA Gross Method 1, Gross Method 2, Detail and manually-entered supercompressibility factor (Fpv)
  • Multiple averaging methods for line pressure, atmospheric pressure, and temperature
  • Use of existing SCADA data for upstream or downstream values, gas composition information, or constant values if necessary
  • Volume Calculation Multiplier for unit modification of the output numbers
  • User-selectable calculation frequency, ranging from every second to once a day


  • Templated objects for rapid configuration within EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert and viewing in a tabular form
  • Easy backup and complete redundancy with configuration stored as part of the EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert database
  • Object-oriented configuration for the re-use of common properties among several segments, such as gas quality

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