AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave product handles nearly all Modbus protocols supported in the industry, ensuring that your devices are compatible with what you need to keep your business running smoothly. The protocols it supports are wide-ranging and fully customization to make certain your devices are working well together, providing a smooth operation for your business.

For example, one form of Modbus may sport more capability than another because it is used frequently with flow computers, and may be more capable of handling usual function codes of standard Modbus — but also will handle history archive collection. Standard Modbus is used mostly for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and other simple Modbus devices that don’t do flow measurement.

Modbus Slave supports real-time only communications and will support custom register sets, allowing businesses to create their own register definitions — or the ability to modify the built in register sets featured in Modbus Slave.

Our products (AES, ACM) allow a user to create custom register sets to suit their application.  Hardware vendors differ in how they handle storage and communication of data.

  • Custom register ranges (1 – 9999, 10001 – 40000, 40001 – 50000, etc.)
    • Based on register address availability in the remote device and what’s allowed to be used
  • Custom data types
    • Bits, Integers, Longs, Floats, Strings (depends on manufacturer and user configuration of the remote device)
  • Custom word order
    • High/Low and Low/High (depends on manufacturer)
  • Custom byte order
    • High/Low and Low/High (depends on manufacturer)
  • Read or Write capability of specific ranges
  • Format
    • RTU or ASCII (manufacturer and/or configuration of the remote device)

Modbus Slave register sets can be added and configured from the Register Records window with a variety of options. Users can select Auto Fill to choose between common register sets and populate the current register record with the same values. Modbus Slave also offers Message Format for users to select between binary, RTU or ASCII formats. The Enable Diagnostics register set has the slave responding to a function 8 when requested.

Nearly all Modbus protocols supported will ensure your that focus can stay on the safety of employees and pipelines, as well as the bottom line with reduced operating expenses for your SCADA projects.