Working to ensure your legacy Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems are compatible with newer RTU/PLC devices, such as the Daniels ASCII, AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave delivers your company the data capability it deserves. Your high performance industry communication must be able to pass along and collect data, which requires a higher level of functionality. This can be completed with new and legacy supervisory equipment collaboration to make sure those essential functions are completed.

Your devices must be configurable, ensuring manufacturer devices in your network are able to reply to each other.  With this Modbus protocol, Daniels ASCII, it uses the memory design of the original Daniels RTU and Chromatograph devices. Its data is transferred in a readable ASCII format.

AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave product handles nearly all Modbus protocols supported in the industry, including the Daniels ASCII, ensuring that your devices are compatible with what you need to keep your business running smoothly. Due to Modbus Slave’s adaptability, users can arrange it to use the memory layout of the Daniels ASCII to match your HMI needs.

Within AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave software register sets, such as the Daniels ASCII, can be created and added from the Register Records window by utilizing multiple options. By selecting Auto Fill to choose between common register sets, users can fill the facing register record with the same data. Modbus Slave can also create Message Format Flexibility for customers to decide between RTU, binary or ASCII formats.

Users will have a global capability on the translator object, opening doors for optimal versatility and connection with AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave software. The Modbus Slave software’s SCADA capabilities include Microsoft Access Database Configuration and Server Status Check and Automatic Reconnect.

Contact AUTOSOL to setup a time to speak to one of our SCADA software experts and setup a demo of our Modbus Slave. Our developers can handle just about any version of Modbus. We are ready to keep your data in motion.