Put AUTOSOL to the Test

See How Our Software Stacks Up

At the end of your license with another software vendor? Before you renew, consider AUTOSOL’s platform.

With an exploding number of devices to manage and more data access requirements than ever, you need an industrial data communications solution that can deliver today, and scale with your growing data collection demands of the future. See how AUTOSOL keeps pace.

Bridges Legacy & New Devices

Our multi-protocol polling engines support an extensive library of proprietary protocols with translation to OPC and MQTT. This enables device interoperability to quickly bridge the gap between legacy and newer IIoT technologies.

Delivers the Data You Demand

With AUTOSOL’s ACM software for real-time and historical data collection, you can assess in-the-moment performance as well as efficiency over time. Our eACM software also enables collection of high-resolution data from your remote edge devices.

Scale in a Single Installation

AUTOSOL’s platform is readily extensible to support thousands of sensors, meters and devices, and we’re continually evolving our solutions to customer needs. You’ll future-proof your investment as you deploy more smart technologies over time.