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November 22, 2019  |  by Mike Slabbaert

Customer-Driven Development: ACM Growth

ACM Continues to Respond to Market Demands

Our distribution market will be pleased to know we are adding new drivers for the new Romet Rotary Meter, Dresser Roots Meter, and the popular Honeywell EC 350 and ER 350.

Our gas market can expect the driver for the SICK Meter’s FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas meter in the coming months.

Oil and Gas clients can be on the lookout for our driver support for new Emerson meters FB 1000, 2000 and 3000. We will also be adding protocol support for the new Omni 7000 in the near future. Overseas oil and gas clients can anticipate the driver for the Emerson Flow Boss S600 as well.

For more information or to request a feature, feel free to reach out to us to start a discussion.

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