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April 27, 2023  |  by Melissa Ferstl

What Does AUTOSOL’s Polling Engine do?  

The IIOT polling engine found inside AUTOSOL’s ACM and eACM is software used predominantly in the oil and gas industry for remote monitoring and control of critical infrastructure, such as pipelines, wells, tanks, and other equipment from edge to edge.

The AUTOSOL polling engine uses OPC DA and OPC UA protocols to collect both real-time and historical device statistics from field devices, such as sensors and controllers found in flow computers, RTUs (Remote Terminal Unit) and PLCs (Programmable Logic Computers) and aggregates the data into a central database temporarily before publishing. This enables operators and engineers to monitor and analyze the data to identify and resolve trending or alarm issues before they become critical.

As of today, the AUTOSOL polling engine translates 44 protocols to communicate with field devices, including EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) data, which ensures reliable and secure data transmission over various communication networks, including wireless and satellite. The number of protocols we support is always growing. Because of the large number of protocols AUTOSOL’s polling engine supports, control room managers are easily able to integrate new field assets with legacy devices.

Overall, the AUTOSOL polling engine is a powerful OPC server for enterprises to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance.