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ACM Time Synchronization

AUTOSOL’s ACM has the ability to compare the device time to the host time and alarm or correct the device time as needed. This training video covers how to setup the rules for Time Synchronization in ACM.

ACM Configuration Tree

This AUTOSOL ACM training video covers the Configuration tree and its different view types. These include Folder View, Type View, Category View, Primary Connection View, and Secondary Connection View.

ACM Role-Based Security

This AUTOSOL ACM training video will show you how to setup and enable Role-Based Security in ACM. Role-Based Security in ACM can be setup globally and overridden at a folder level, and allows you to control what a user can do in the configuration.

ACM Alias Groups

This AUTOSOL ACM training video will cover how to setup Aliasing for OPC items using Alias Groups in ACM. Aliasing can be done at a server or device level depending on specific customer needs.

ACM Station Wizard

This AUTOSOL ACM training video covers the Station Wizard in ACM, and how to use it. The Station wizard is used to create a device and its associated meters, along with some supporting objects that may be required. In some cases, it will even create the meter configuration and history mapping.

ACM Schedule Object

Schedule objects are used by devices in ACM to schedule the polling of data. This AUTOSOL training video will take you through all of the details of setting up a Schedule object in the ACM Configuration.

ACM Monitor Training Video

AUTOSOL’s ACM Monitor training video covers the status of ACM Services, how to manage the configuration database, and licensing.

AUTOSOL ACM Log Viewer (8:35)

Short video detailing how the AUTOSOL ACM Log Viewer works. ACM’s logging utility captures messages and trace log information for file storage or viewing. It’s useful for diagnosing problems and verifying communications to end devices or other software.