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March 13, 2018

Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) Version 273 Released

Additional Support Options Made Available in ACM Version 273

AUTOSOL is announcing the latest update to the SCADA software Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) making it easier to configure your system for optimum polling and publishing operations. The upgrades are found in virtually every aspect of ACM server components, as well as the ACM Configuration Client.

While many updates have been made, the most notable include:

  • Added support for MODBUS OMNI to collect and produce Flow-Cal prove reports.
  • New device protocol option to demand poll upon verify write.
  • Added option to include ControlLogix tags flagged as Reserved during tag discovery in OPC browse listing.
  • Added a new audit for commands.
  • Added a new OPC tag that displays whether the system is running on Server A or Server B.
  • Add support for Honeywell-Mercury meter types other than turbine.
  • Added support for Honeywell-Mercury GC Write.
  • Added the capability to parse a bit pattern from a MODBUS multi-register 32 bit integer.
  • Added an option to merge MODBUS OMNI string register values into one EFM field.
  • Added the ability to map the same ROC history point or TLP to different EFM fields.
  • Added the service account for each ACM Service listed in ACM Server Monitor.
  • Corrected an issue where tokens were case sensitive when they should not be.
  • Upgraded ABB TCI Toolkit to version 3.11.

AUTOSOL recommends upgrading to this latest release to take advantage of these important improvements. Users with access to the AUTOSOL FTP site can download version 7.1 build 273 from the ACM folder as well as its release notes.

For more information on this or past releases, please contact technical support or your salesperson and learn how we keep Data in motion.