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July 21, 2019  |  by David Blanco

The Benefits of MQTT in Saving Network Bandwidth

eACM can translate native RTU and PLC protocols into the highly-efficient MQTT protocol and send report-by-exception data to any MQTT broker. eACM also supports the MQTT Sparkplug B specification, which allows for data to be back-filled for higher resolution or to restore data after a comms outage. Lastly, eACM provides a platform for functional applications to run on the edge of your network to make the most out of your infrastructure.

eACM Real-Time Polling

eACM provides an extremely convenient and efficient way to transmit more data, more frequently, and with less overhead. When deployed in field, eACM acts as a local polling engine, handling the poll-response between itself and the device as fast as 50 milliseconds.

eACM handles each register it polls with a deadband and allows users to configure how often new values publish. This gives users control over how often new data is transmitted over the network, saving you money. It also has alarm settings for each tag that ensures operations never misses an alarm. Capable of handling thousands of tags at once, eACM delivers more data to your systems with less bandwidth.

To learn more about eACM, click to watch from the AUTOSOL SCADA YouTube page here.

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