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July 22, 2019  |  by Aaron Osburn

Reporting from the Field: Why Versatility is Critical

Speed of data collection and reporting is vital during a pressing situation, and the versatility of our field level reporting makes AUTOSOL the leader in remote field management. Our technologies allow users to receive reports in mere seconds after the command to generate a report is executed. Whether it is managing and improving your pipelines, well sites, plants or other facilities, our reporting allows you to make decisions efficiently on communication, maintenance, and auditing needs. Managing your data improves the accuracy in your control systems, and helps to optimize safety and output.

Typically, when running reports, the four top questions our customers ask are: 

  • What reports are available? 
  • How are reports published? 
  • How are reports distributed?  
  • Can they modify existing reports or create their own?  

AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM) helps application engineers, SCADA managers and analysts, and measurement groups save valuable time by allowing a variety of reporting customizations. Within ACM’s reporting functionality, the user can choose from and run over 40 different pre-canned reports.  

Those reports include information on your archive/EFM collection, communication statistics, failed polls, GC requests, configuration changes, publishing, and throughput.  But these are just the pre-canned reports; the customer can also create custom reports such as battery voltage for specific fields or sites. So, if the data is in the SQL database, it can be included in a report. Along with customizing reports, users can report on specific devices, or even at the meter level within the devices, or to specific timeframes depending on the reports being run.  

By design, ACM users aren’t restricted to just the “default” reports available. Custom reports are easy to build and add to the reporting tab in ACM. Along with custom reports, a user can execute reports on a set schedule or as-needed, and even email them out to personnel.  AUTOSOL responded to our client’s needs by allowing the creation of custom reports, and also enabling those reports to be output in various formats such as Report View (similar to Crystal Reports), CSV, Excel and HTML.

With a high functioning digitally-connected infrastructure, AUTOSOL’s versatile reporting features allow our customers to better manage data, streamline distribution and reduce operational costs.

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