LinePack is a fully configurable add-on product for Schneider Electric’s SCADA Expert ClearSCADA, and will operate with AUTOSOL’s Autosol Communication Manager® (ACM). Saving time and ensuring peak performance, LinePack takes data from all of your devices and calculates volume in a pipe segment. Designed to perform line segment energy calculations between two RTUs or devices with up to two different pipe sizes, this product holds the capability of adding calculations together to create a total system/pipeline value. Data can then be masterfully stored in the SCADA Expert ClearSCADA database or viewed in AUTOSOL’s LinePack application.

LinePack Features

This product offers fully customizable segment functionality, supporting the American Gas Association (AGA) gas flow measurement methods Gross1, Gross2, detail and manually entered FPV and offering multiple averaging methods for pressure and temperature. LinePack can use only upstream or downstream temperatures and pressures, if desired. Adding to its customizability, the Calculated Packed Volume based output numbers can be modified by using the Volume Calculation Multiplier and existing objects can be used for gas quality as well as RTUs.

LinePack offers a watchdog for each calculation made in addition to the surveillance of the overall program. The calculation rate is selected by the user ranging from every 0.1 seconds to once a day, and calculations can also be independently disabled if needed.

Installed and running on both primary and secondary machines, LinePack ensures you never experience unnecessary downtime in your processes.  The copy of the program that is on the ClearSCADA “main” machine is the copy that will do the calculations.  The other copy of LinePack will check to see if it has become the main driver, intuitively seeking to see it needs to take over main functions. The configuration information is also stored in the ClearSCADA database and is automatically transferred to the secondary machine by ClearSCADA.  The configuration application accesses the ClearSCADA database.

Included in the LinePack product are sample templates and objects, including calculation setup sample, manually entered gas quality object and manually entered RTU values object.

The innovative technological capabilities of AUTOSOL products are protected by US patents 6,628,992; 6,950,851; 6,961,753; 7,073,182; 7,225,248; 7,587,481; 7,646,298; 7,673,337; 7,673,338; 7,747,710; 8,316,232; 8,364,950; 8,694,770; 8,898,481; 8,935,523; 8,966,117; 9,100,318; 9,306,946 and patents pending.

Calculations and Data Points

LinePack uses Gas Quality input objects to produce the following automated calculations:

  • Calculated Analysis Percentage
  • Calculated Average Pressure
  • Calculated Average Temperature
  • Calculated Base Volume
  • Calculated Energy Maximum
  • Calculated Energy Minimum
  • Calculated FPV
  • Calculated Packed Energy
  • Calculated Packed Volume
  • Calculated Specific Gravity
  • Calculated Volume Maximum
  • Calculated Volume Minimum
  • Calculated ZF
  • Current Status
  • Energy at Contract Hour Today
  • Energy at Contract Hour Yesterday
  • Energy for Last Hour
  • Energy Projection
  • Energy Today
  • Energy Yesterday
  • Hours Left In Contract Day
  • Volume at Contract Hour Today
  • Volume at Contract Hour Yesterday
  • Volume for Last Hour
  • Volume Projection
  • Volume Today
  • Volume Yesterday
  • Watchdog Value
  • Errors and debugging messages are logged to the windows application event log.
  • LinePack offers static gas quality that may be shared with other LinePacks. Supply constant or manually changed values by having the gas quality reference point to any object that has the quality values supplied. Both live and static gas quality values are supported.
  • Both upstream and downstream pressures/temperatures are configured as independent points.

Pipe segment volume can be specified as pipe dimensions or entered manually. Packed volume can be calculated at a maximum and/or minimum pressure if desired.

ClearSCADA Integration

  • Data is obtained directly from the SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Database and has little impact on SCADA Expert ClearSCADA performance. Configuration uses point-and-click selections based on the current SCADA Expert ClearSCADA configuration.
  • Calculation results are stored and written back to objects in the SCADA Expert ClearSCADA database. Can be installed on backup machines and will automatically switch when the SCADA Expert ClearSCADA primary machine is changed.
  • SCADA Expert ClearSCADA redundancy keeps primary and backup LinePack applications synchronized. Automatically recognizes and adds new LinePack objects as they are added to SCADA Expert ClearSCADA.