Securely collecting and delivering data is crucial to the effectiveness of operations. CryptoMod® is an end point security device that provides a secure transition of data from field devices to an HMI (Human Machine Interface) network.

CryptoMod is encryption and decryption hardware and firmware that  integrates with AUTOSOL’s software suite, or can be independently installed as a separate device using secure open SSL and TLS software. CryptoMod is used to securely send messages between Autosol Communication Manager® (ACM) and remote control and metering field instruments.

The CryptoMod is validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Security Level 2, and the certificate of validation is number 2855.

CryptoMod End Point Security Device

Data, surveillance information, control features and utility metering records can be exchanged securely since CryptoMod is permanently installed with the field instrument and has intrusion detection. In the event of a disturbance or interruption, the product will notify a host system and send an SMS message, email or alarm notification.

To effectively secure sensitive data, the CryptoMod comes with:

Digital I/O: monitoring the enclosure in which the software and the field instrument is installed in, Hardware Watchdog Timer, triggering a power reset due to faulty conditions

Tamper Alarm: Immediately notifies control room technicians of enclosure or software tampering.

Event Management tool: The CryptoMod reacts to events with user-defined actions such as Cry-Out, Erase Keys, Go Clear, Log and Alarm. The hardware also archives details in event logs for later retrieval and review on the host computer with the Log Upload feature.

The innovative technological capabilities of AUTOSOL® Products are protected by US Patents 6,628,992; 6,950,851; 6,961,753; 7,073,182; 7,225,248; 7,587,481; 7,646,298; 7,673,337; 7,673,338; 7,747,710; 8,316,232; 8,364,950; 8,694,770; 8,898,481; 8,935,523; 8,966,117; 9,100,318; 9,306,946 and Patents Pending.