Version 7.1

BUILD 93        2013/02/21


  • Added commands to $Server object to disconnect from and reconnect to the configuration database.
  • Added properties to control the time of day when old history is deleted.
  • Fixed bug that could send a zero-value bad quality update for items during startup.
  • Created a server-wide setting for controlling persistent data and removed persistent data settings from individual devices. Note: This will cause error messages from the devices during the startup until the configuration is ‘cleaned’ (using the DbCleanup.sql script generated during startup). These errors can be safely ignored.
  • ACMConfig Client – Fixed Enable/Disable Children menu command that could skip some child objects.
  • Bulk Insert Manager now moves history files that failed to insert into SQL Server into an ‘ImportFailed’ folder.
  • Add support for SQL Server 2012

All Protocols

  • Fixed bug that didn’t ‘poll items immediately’ when that option is enabled.
  • Fixed bug that didn’t update standard items after a configuration change.
  • Removed the properties to control persistent data and moved them into the $Server object.
  • Added Eagle Protocol
  • Added Omni Modbus Protocol
  • Flow Automation native protocol – Added better message response validation when using Modbus format.
  • Enron Modbus, SCADAPack Modbus, Omni Modbus Protocols – Added OPC items to request history retrieval and time synchronization.

Totalflow Protocol

  • Fixed bug that prevented new Totalflow devices from providing correct OPC browse information.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent retrieval of multiple trend files.
  • Added support for ‘char’ and ‘uchar’ data types in trend files.
  • Added optional ‘extra data’ support in history records.
  • Added additional troubleshooting logging.

All Connections

  • Fixed bug that could mark a device as ‘busy’ and prevent future polling.
  • All ports now close immediately if requested by OPC item.
  • TCP/IP Connection – Fixed bug that didn’t honor the ‘Auto Switch Hosts’ option.
  • TCP Pool Connection – Added logic to test modems (if modems enabled) before using one for a poll. The test sends the modem initialization string and looks for an ‘OK’ response.
  • TCP Listen Connection – Fixed bug that could cause the session count to be wrong.
  • Database and EFM Database publishers – Added option to write failed insert commands to a file.
  • XML Publisher – Fixed bug that allowed invalid characters in xml element names.
  • CFX Publisher – Added new CFX 7 gas and liquid support.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the asiLOGSERVER service to crash if a log message was greater than 65K bytes.
  • Database Change – Added index to the history table.

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