Version 7.1

BUILD 85        2012/10/08

  • Fixes to Benchmark protocol to rebuild messages when address changed. Also added logic to prevent publishing duplicate records.
  • Added prompt to save changes when advanced meter configuration form is closed.
  • Fixed bug that could deactivate port when switching between primary and secondary connection (in all protocols).
  • Various tooltip and custom dialog fixes and enhancements.
  • Additions to SCADAPack modbus to validate message content during history retrieval. Changed which items maintain persistent values.
  • Added sub-second poll rate to scheduler.
  • Fixed bug in asiARCHIVE that could cause gap in history if RTU clock changed by more than one hour.
  • Fixed bug in Flow Automation to help prevent out-of-sync messages during history retrieval.
  • Fixed bug in AutoSol EFM Publisher that used incorrect timestamp for history record.
  • Fixed bug in time synchronization logic that may not synchronize the time if ‘no hour change’ is selected.
  • Changes to Ethernet BSAP to allow for intermediate network devices during time synchronization and NRT operations.

Breaking changes

  • Database format change – Version 11. Changed method for deleting objects to prevent bulk inserts from failing on data belonging to a deleted object.

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