Version 7.1

BUILD 75        2012/08/06

  • Default priority for item writes is now ‘immediate’ – the highest priority.
  • Fixes and additions to Totalflow, Kimray, and Flow Automation protocols.
  • Fixes to XML output publisher.
  • Changed publisher property ‘Oldest Date’ to ‘Age’.
  • Added command to make a schedule fire at any time.
  • Removed references to MSXML4. Now only MSXML6 is used.
  • Device ‘Status’ item now has a new value (7) that indicates communication is disabled (when a port is closed or disabled).
  • OPC item qualities are now set to stale when their device’s port is closed or disabled.
  • Added custom dialogs, which are the default method for editing an object’s configuration.
  • Added ‘Station Builder’ to ease the task of creating flow computer devices that require multiple objects to define a meter (such as archive configurations and meter configurations).
  • Database format change – version 10. Modified stored procedure (internal logic change, does not cause incompatibility). Archive record’s ‘Collect’ time is now used when deleting old records instead of the record’s timestamp.
  • Additions to client programming interface. This may cause custom client applications to be re-built.

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