Version 7.1

BUILD 33        2012/02/07

  • Added SCADAPack Modbus contract configuration OPC items.
  • Fixed SCADAPack Modbus bug that tried to acknowledge all events/alarms instead only new.
  • Fixed Enron Modbus bug in Archive Access logic that did not correctly assign object identifier.
  • Switched TotalFlow DateTime and DateTime2 items so DateTime is the vt_dateitem.
  • Fixed BSAP bug that could prevent some of the configuration properties from being assign to the device.
  • Fixed BSAP bug that may not have checked for Ethernet configuration changes in all cases.
  • Fixed ScanCom bug in the MsgFormatparameter.
  • Fixed Flow Automation bug in write command to DO/DI/AI/AO/Pulse value.
  • Fixed Flow Automation bug in write command to Gas Quality items.
  • Added Flow Automation PID items.
  • Fixed common protocol bug that used the object id instead of the command id when updating command progress.
  • Set MeterConfigas archive type name for all meter configuration records.
  • Added identifier to TCPListen error logging so the messages show up on the filtered port and device log windows.
  • Fixed Scheduler bug that caused window schedule not to fire at start of window.
  • Fixed CFX publisher bug that put alarms into CFX file in reverse order.
  • Fixed CFX publisher bug that allowed duplicate alarm records in CFX file.
  • Fixed Transaction Queue bug that left contract hour and contract day empty when publishing to snapshot table.
  • Added LastPollAttemptUTCand LastPollSuccessUTC items to all objects.
  • Improved protection com interface pointers while getting list for client notification calls.
  • Added logging when item is added to an object type that doesn’t support items (like folders).
  • Fixed problem with SelectFolderform when adding a new folder. Typing new folder name and pressing enter did not end the edit session. Also, added right-click menu to add a folder.
  • Fixed various problems related to Add/Copy/Renameof objects that made the tree control jump around and new objects not be selected.

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