Version 7.1

Build 260        2017/01/09


This installation requires a change to the existing database.



  • Additions for Queue Viewer information.
  • Fix to prevent access violation when a device is configured with two connections but only one schedule.


  • Fix to correctly apply connection settings changes.


  • Added missing log message to indicate when socket connection is closed.



  • Fixed problem that didn’t correctly update all poll messages with the correct extended header IP address.
  • Fixed problems related to re-building poll messages after meter configuration changes.
  • Fixed problem related to time synchronization.
  • Now accepts archive file names with an underscore character in their names.
  • Fixed problem with read after write verification when different addresses are used for reads and writes.
  • Improved efficiency of polls when an MSD version change is detected.
  • Improved GCWrite so writes can finish even if the OPC client removes the GCWrite item.
  • Fixed problem with multiple Ethernet sub-packet polling.
  • Normalize event and alarm records so the headers in csv files are the same.


  • Improved handling of the ‘close session‘.
  • Set item qualities to ‘bad’ when the read tag service returns an error for an item.


  • Added the feature to combine multiple registers into a single value.
  • Added the feature to invert Boolean data types using the ‘!’ character.
  • Improved session handling.
  • Added ‘ABTCP’ to protocol name for better recognition.
  • Corrected problem with the ‘max bytes per message’ setting.


  • Changed pointer logging to show value in local time instead of UTC.
  • Fixed problems with extended items.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Fixed problem with archive position pointers not updating correctly.
  • Improved efficiency of history retrieval by checking only for logs that need to be retrieved.
  • Fixed problem that could make time synchronization continue to try beyond retry count.
  • Changed default time synchronization interval to 14, to be consistent with other protocols.


  • Added ‘time synchronization’ and ‘test communication’ OPC items.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.


  • Corrections to extended item data types.
  • Added ‘reset’ and ‘move’ audit trail commands.
  • Added ‘test communication’ feature.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.


  • Added ‘test communication’ feature.
  • Fix for trend retrieval that may not find the end of the trend data.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Prevent an echo from being accepted as a valid response.
  • Correctly use archive collection limit if applicable.


  • Added internal unit to flowing time values so they can be converted as necessary by various publishers.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Added option to assign ‘fixed factor’ value.
  • Fix for GC write errors with CO2, N2, BTU, and Specific Gravity.


  • Added feature to retrieve PLC statistics, module information, and fault information.


  • Added ‘test communication’ feature.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Fixed memory leak during no-response conditions.
  • Corrections to history collection when an invalid index is found.
  • Changed count of Production metes to eight.
  • Corrected OPC item name for ‘Energy.Rate.EU’.


  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Fixed memory leak that could occur when handling audit records.
  • Added option to handle period audit records differently than non-periodic records.


  • Improved time synchronization across all Modbus variants to work consistently.
  • Corrected problem with byte ordering on double-precision floating point numbers.
  • Prevent retries of EFM retrieval when an incorrect configuration is found.


  • Changed logic to better handle multi-event record response validation.
  • Improve response handling to accept archive records without a time field.


  • Added feature to support leading ‘FF’ byte on extended address messages.


  • Changed pump data to signed integers and surface cards to unsigned integers; and changed scaled min and max load values to unsigned short for surface cards.


  • Added support for MiroMVL flow computers.


  • Removed duplicate entries in the internal liquid K-Factor archive map which could cause duplicate columns in the output record.
  • Corrected entries in the internal Gas archive map which mapped some daily values to hourly values.


  • Changed data type to double-precision floating point for the history fields that are stored in two fields in the device archive.
  • Added support for the MVI56E-AFC module.


  • Corrected register used for AGA8 real gas relative density and for AGA8 Heating Value.
  • Detects newer firmware support of ‘flexible history’ records.
  • Corrected extended items for archive position changes that were read-only.


  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Improved op-code 180 validation and processing so unexpected item data length doesn’t prevent updates to other items.
  • Added support for Coriolis meter collection.
  • Fixed a condition that could cause a crash if a liquid meter run Meter ID is read from the device. Also fixed liquid meter run Meter ID assignment when ‘User ACM Object Name’ is selected.
  • Added option to excluded S&W fields from batch records.
  • Fixed problem that caused batch collection from stopping at 35 records.
  • Extended the number of meter runs from 12 to 18.


  • Allow a zero value for the configured address property.
  • Added ‘ScanPLC Accessory’ item.
  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Added logic to clear device buffer on missing multi-frame messages.
  • Added time synchronization item and command.


  • Corrected the response handling for time synchronization errors.
  • Added feature to provide last record timestamp for history and trend retrieval in UTC format.
  • Improvements to history and trend logic so retrieval is not attempted when the ACM configuration is incorrect.
  • Fix for problem that prevented time synchronization when it occurred on the same schedule interval as history collection.



  • Added report to show last publish time for each meter.
  • Added feature to adjust record timestamps using a bias value, and to revert the daylight savings time bias.
  • Changed logic for ‘continue on error’ option to help prevent skipped records.
  • Added a new token to represent the current date and time.
  • Improved error message reporting related SQL Server errors.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur if the SQL Server database was not available.
  • Fixed a problem that could result in invalid characters in a path or file name when tokens are used.
  • Trim leading and trailing white-space characters from string fields.
  • Added new $$Device.Type$$ token that holds the name of the protocol that the device belongs to.


  • Fixed a problem that did not correctly assign a value for ‘has default temperature’.
  • Fixed a problem that may not correctly assign the start and end date ranges in CFX7 and CFX8 files.
  • Fixed a problem that could result in duplicate history records in CFX8 files, and some missing records in CFX7 files.
  • Added feature to convert trailing timestamps to leading.
  • Fixed a problem that could result in CFX7 and CFX8 alternate history records being recorded with the wrong record size.


  • Added support for ‘corrected mass’ field.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a growing list of published meter IDs.
  • Added missing fields.


  • Added option to control whether volume and gas quality data is populated with data from volume records.



  • Fixed a problem with the precision of ‘gain’ scaling when writing to an item.
  • Added feature to support history deletion by record type.
  • Fixed a problem that could make $Perf items stop updating.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash if an item used scaling and the scaled result was out of range.
  • Fixed a problem that could erroneously report that an OPC write failed.



  • Allow F2 key to start editing a cell in the grid view.
  • Fixed a problem that made tree view duplicate branches in the export list.
  • Changed inactive object tabs to a different color.
  • Fixed memory leaks related to log viewer and other logic.
  • Added ‘Layout’ menu option to organize views in common formats.
  • Fixed a problem that could mark objects as ‘disabled’ if they already existed during an import.
  • Fixed a problem that could show a ‘disconnected’ message when clicking on the ‘Reports’ tab.
  • Added missing field validation to cells in the multi-object editor.
  • Updated Queue Viewer to handle entries that became due while still in the queue and where merged together.
  • Added status information for long-running tasks.
  • Fixed problem that did not allow copying of multiple objects selected in the object tree (in Folder View).
  • Fixed problem that allowed editing of $Perf object.
  • Improved startup time on some computers that couldn’t verify software certificate.
  • Updated graphics and logo.



This installation requires a change to the existing database.


  • SqlUpdate 30 – Changes to support the following
  • GC Write blackout periods
  • Last timestamp for meter publishing
  • Deleting old history by record type
  • Archive position information handling
  • Throughput reports
  • Referenced object information.



  • Add slow schedule and black-out times to schedule options.
  • Fixed a problem that could execute retries before the write timeout elapsed.
  • Added the ability to schedule GCWrites in the future.


  • Corrected component name – changed H20 to H2O
  • Prevent import file processing when ACM is not running.

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