Version 7.1

BUILD 104        2013/05/08


  • Now built with ‘large address aware’ to enable access to more memory on 64-bit systems.
  • Improved configuration load time during startup.
  • New sql stored procedure to delete old history records.
  • Removed configuration wizards.
  • New protocols CONTROLLOGIX, GE SRTP, and EAGLE.
  • SCADAPack modbus – New option to publish gas composition data as mole fraction or percent.
  • OMNI modbus – Fixed bug that may not publish liquid batch registers. Fixed bug that didn’t map all available hourly liquid history registers.
  • ASCII Modbus – Fixed bug that incorrectly calculated the expected length of history record responses.
  • TCP Listen – Added logic to allow processing of priority interrupts.
  • ImportExport – Fixed bug that caused imports to fail when configuration data contained new line characters.
  • Database Output – Now builds create table scripts dynamically based on fields to be published.
  • EFM Database Output – Fixed bug that published meter configuration records when not enabled to publish that record type.
  • Mercury – Fixed bug related to Pulse Accumulator setup for devices with two meter runs.
  • Scancom
  • Expanded supported hardware input parameters.
  • Improved poll response validation for multi-frame responses.
  • Kimray – Added option to round first history record timestamp to top of hour.
  • BSAP
  • Increased number of supported meter runs.
  • Increased number of supported user upload objects and made them sub-objects of meters.

Note: This will cause error messages from the devices during the startup until the configuration is ‘cleaned’ (using the DbCleanup.sql script generated during startup). If any user uploads were used, they must be re-selected as part of the BSAP device configuration.

Breaking changes

  • BSAP – User upload objects now have different property names. They will have to be re-selected in the BSAP device configuration.

Database changes

  • Database format change – Version 13 (internal logic change, does not cause incompatibility).

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