Working to assist companies manage ICS and SCADA systems, ACM R/T SCADA supports the KM Load Modbus protocol, serving its users. The KM Load Modbus protocol has the ability to transmit operator and alarm event logs in real time through the ACM R/T SCADA polling engine. This flow data is transmitted to a corporate headquarters or control room for operators to use the information where necessary.

ACM R/T SCADA and the KM Load Modbus Protocol

ACM and the KM Load Modbus protocol work simultaneously, enabling flow measurement data to be analyzed to optimize a pipeline’s performance. Pipeline operators are alerted of any changes in pressure or flow to ensure a safe environment from tanks to processing and manufacturing plants by polling the field device. ACM R/T SCADA delivers the data in real time via the KM Load Modbus protocol to an HMI used in the control room, where the flow data is visualized and interpreted.

AUTOSOL’s award-winning ACM serves customers by its ability to store historical data in its hardware.

ACM extends companies’ legacy field devices

For more than 30 years, AUTOSOL has built custom drivers to ensure the reliable transfer of commands, programs, data and information between control systems and endpoint SCADA devices. ACM R/T SCADA speaks to field devices both nearby and in remote locations in a large variety of native protocols to enable communication between incompatible devices. This makes it easy to add PLCs, RTUs and other field devices to a SCADA system, assuring transmission data is consistently being communicated — in real time.

Since AUTOSOL has built custom drivers for numerous native protocols, companies are not obligated to update a SCADA system with just one brand of equipment. Companies can save costs while continuing to use their legacy devices by upgrading other components in their SCADA system.

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