The Kimray Protocol is supported by ACM R/T SCADA, to transmit real-time data from the field for industrial control systems. They work in tandem to coordinate and monitor pipeline activities through an Electronic Flow Monitor (EFM) system, bringing technicians the most current reads from devices in the field.

Kimray Protocol supports unsolicited messages

To ensure optimal communication from remote field devices, some devices support unsolicited messages. This is when communication is initiated by the field device, instead of a master. These devices alert operators when levels reach unusual thresholds, without having to poll them. By supporting unsolicited messages, the Kimray EFM helps operators breathe easier knowing they will be alerted if levels reach unusual thresholds.

The Kimray protocol is just one of many protocols that ACM R/T SCADA is compatible with. AUTOSOL’s solid commitment to client support has resulted in many custom drivers being created over the years to serve the needs of both new and legacy devices in the field.

The ACM R/T SCADA communications hub ensures that SCADA environments have the latest information in real-time.

ACM R/T SCADA offers cost savings when updating SCADA Systems

For more than 30 years, AUTOSOL (Automation Solutions) has created custom drivers for the transfer of commands, programs, data and information between ICS and endpoint SCADA devices like PLCs. ACM R/T SCADA speaks to devices in their native protocols to enable real-time communication between incompatible devices, making it easy to add devices, including Kimray, to a SCADA system and ensuring information is consistently being communicated.

Companies will reap the alert benefits the Kimray offers while saving money by combining the best of components of new SCADA systems to devices that speak the protocol.

Because of the flexibility of AUTOSOL’s ACM R/T SCADA and custom drivers, companies are not restricted to construct new SCADA systems with just one brand and its protocols. With our leading products and equipment, your Kimray will be able to transmit and receive data from all other SCADA devices.

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