In an industry of many versions of Modbus, ACM R/T SCADA supports the FB3000 Modbus protocol. While many devices may support their own versions of Modbus, ACM R/T SCADA speaks to all of them — making it a virtually universal tool.

How it works

Working typically with Plunger Lift/Pump-Off Controllers in some of the most distant locations, the FB3000 Modbus protocol works to serve its users. This ensures that some of the most important data from the FB3000 can still be delivered to the control room for analysis — as ACM R/T SCADA is an OPC server.

FB3000 Protocol and ACM R/T SCADA

The valuable information that FB3000 and ACM R/T SCADA delivers to end users can be monitored as the information is fed into the control room only, as ACM R/T SCADA serves users information in real time. Only AUTOSOL’s award-winning ACM stores historical information. The functionality that ACM R/T SCADA brings ensures that operators in the field office are able to retrieve easily-transferable information from the field.

By using ACM R/T SCADA, operators can ensure that the most legacy devices can continue to operate in an ever-changing world of SCADA and Modbus. To assure that your business is getting the most accurate data from the field, you can trust that ACM R/T SCADA will pair and function seamlessly with your FB3000 Modbus Protocol.

ACM R/T SCADA extends companies’ SCADA systems abilities

For over 30 years, AUTOSOL (Automation Solutions, Inc.) has been building custom drivers to ensure the efficient and reliable transfer of commands, programs, data and information between control systems and endpoint SCADA devices like RTUs and PLCs. ACM R/T SCADA speaks to devices in their native protocols, making it easy to add devices, including FB3000, to a SCADA system and ensuring information is consistently being transferred.

Because ACM R/T SCADA isn’t dedicated to one specific protocol, it is able to interact with  FB3000 devices as well as many others. Companies will reap the benefits the FB3000 delivers while saving costs associated with having to update an entire SCADA system to use devices that all speak the same protocol. The expenses that will be saved can be spent on other projects your company may face.

Combining the flexibility of AUTOSOL’s ACM R/T SCADA and custom drivers means companies are not obligated to construct and update a SCADA system with one brand and its protocols. AUTOSOL takes communication between devices seriously and is dedicated to its service to its customers, making us a leader in the industry.