Working collaboratively, the ETNG Modbus protocol and ACM R/T SCADA delivers companies their most vital information from the field, helping to manage SCADA and ICS systems. The ETNG Modbus protocol delivers users flow measurements from pipelines. These data reads include measurements of natural gas or oil that is coming out of the ground, other scenarios. That data will then be analyzed by users in real time, as only ACM can provide historical data to end users.

ACM and the ETNG Modbus Protocol

When paired with ACM R/T SCADA, the ETNG Modbus protocol serves is users by collecting data from the field and delivering to your control room. This transaction ensures that the most vital systems in place in your SCADA environment work both reliably and securely. This pairing will make sure that control rooms are given data that is securely organized and will alleviate concerns that may arise regarding security, maintenance and production for upstream, midstream and downstream markets and beyond.

Maintaining and upgrading SCADA systems for less money

AUTOSOL has spent more than 30 years in the oil and gas communication field, and has developed numerous custom drivers to support native protocols on a variety of field devices. This work allows companies to continue to use older legacy devices while continuing to upgrade and maintain their SCADA systems, ensuring success in your industry. Because ACM and ACM R/T SCADA can speak with a variety of devices, companies are not constrained by having to settle for using just one brand of monitoring equipment. This flexibility expands company’s options who are looking to upgrade their SCADA control systems, allowing for optimal use of software and protocols.

Connect with us here at AUTOSOL to learn more about how ACM R/T SCADA supports the ETNG Modbus protocol and many other Modbus protocols.