When it comes to your SCADA and AMR systems, you need reliable and secure products. From controlling systems, to monitoring data in real time, to acknowledging alarms, to tracking historical data, to securing devices, AUTOSOL® has innovative software and hardware products designed to streamline your need for multiple applications and unify your data collection and delivery devices.

Our products encompass both engineering advances in new technologies and supporting legacy systems that can add years, if not decades, to your aging infrastructure. Since you’ve already made investments in your current systems, we understand that your devices have to be able to communicate with each other for accurate, efficient and uninterrupted polling.

AUTOSOL has always been focused on providing data collection software, and through our continued dedication, we have developed additional cost-effective applications that run via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to ensure your SCADA system is secure, running appropriately and configures with other systems and software.

We collaboratively work with companies in the industry to listen to feedback and define product features so we are able to deliver the highest quality products available to keep your data in motion.

What’s Different about AUTOSOL Products?

Our line of flexible software is able to fully integrate with other manufacturers’ products and SCADA applications, meaning it connects with any kind of device, alleviating the cost of implementing a new system. Running on the IIoT, our products configure with other devices and software making communication dependable and monitoring and measuring data easier.