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Three-Day Conference

International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), May 16-18, 2023

Join AUTOSOL’s Mike Slabbaert and Norm Clauson at the 2023 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), held in the Oklahoma City Convention Center on May 16th through the 18th.

ISHM offers a three-day school that includes classes in the following hydrocarbon fields of specialization: gas and liquid measurement, industry standards and regulations that surround them, equipment like regulators and controllers, how to make calculations, telemetry and flow computers, chromatography, field and office applications, training programs and procedures, calibration, proving and inspection, audits, accuracy and oil accounting and unique measurement scenarios.

The Oklahoma City Convention Center is located at 100 Mick Cornett Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73109.

For more show details or to register, visit www.hydrocarbonmeasurement.com today!