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May 18, 2023

ICONICS Teams Up with AUTOSOL to Offer ACM Advanced OPC UA Server

Foxborough, MA – [May 18, 2023] – ICONICS has partnered with AUTOSOL to offer AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) Advanced OPC UA Server along with the ICONICS GENESIS64™ software suite for efficient data acquisition, monitoring, and control. ACM integrates seamlessly with ICONICS HMI SCADA solutions to visualize, historize, analyze, and mobilize real-time and historical data. The solution also delivers data via single or multiple telemetry circuits in standardized OPC UA format to ICONICS GENESIS64 systems.

Industries that use specific protocols and field devices, like oil and gas and utilities, can greatly benefit from ACM. For example, ACM drivers enable integration and communication with different devices and protocols used in the oil and gas industry, facilitating efficient data acquisition, monitoring, and control. Additionally, ACM’s OPC UA server provides instantaneous updates on sensor values from field devices and collection of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data for product measurement and compliance. Likewise, ACM’s drivers can help utilities connect with various devices and systems, such as RTUs and meters, enabling data acquisition, real-time monitoring, and operational control.

Moreover, the latest version of AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) 9.0.1 integrates with the OPC UA .NET Standard Stack Version 1.4.369.30 from the OPC Foundation providing these capabilities:  

  • Multiple protocols over a single telemetry channel or circuit.
  • Concurrent polling through any type of telemetry.
  • SCADA and EFM/AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems in a single installation.
  • Ability to handle multiple local and remote concurrent users allowing your team to easily work together.
  • Archived data retrieval from EFM/AMR devices to be published to multiple formats, databases, and validation/accounting systems.
  • Configuration modification while the product is on-line without server restart.
  • Redundant communication paths and redundant configuration (via SQL Server) allowing HMI control of primary/backup switch-over.
  • Automatic report generation and dispatch for easy and organized notification and documentation.


Since 1987, AUTOSOL has been committed to providing reliable, flexible solutions for automation and data delivery needs for mission-critical infrastructures. Their software engineers have many years of experience in industrial automation system design, development, and implementation. AUTOSOL has extensive knowledge of the entire SCADA system – from the devices that their products communicate with and their relationships with the device manufacturers to the HMIs used to view the entire system. AUTOSOL meets the demands of the industrial data delivery markets like oil and gas, water/wastewater, and more. They strive to lead the way with advances in new technologies, as well as support legacy systems for years to come.


ICONICS, a Group Company of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is headquartered in Foxborough, Massachusetts USA and is a global software developer of visualization, HMI, SCADA, and energy solutions. With installations running in over 100 countries worldwide and over 70 percent of Global 500 companies, ICONICS software is recommended for automating, monitoring, and optimizing a customer’s most critical assets. ICONICS offers competitive software products for various business sectors, such as manufacturing, industrial and building automation, and it possesses advanced technology and remarkable industry leading knowledge in the development of industrial software. ICONICS is a seven-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner and has been recognized eleven times for a Microsoft Partner of the Year award.

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