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Four-Day Conference

ENTELEC Annual Spring Conference & Expo, April 1 – 4, 2024

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Join the AUTOSOL team at the ENTELEC Association’s Annual Spring Expo at booth 620, and also booth 216 on April 1-4, 2024 in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center inside Hall D. Our industrial automation experts will be giving a live demonstration of our OPC polling engine at work on live radios, showcasing both ACM in booth 216, and also the lower bandwidth application eACM in booth 620.

Don’t miss AUTOSOL’s David Blanco and Williams Midstream’s Chuck Smith as they collaborate for a technical session on Tuesday, April 2, at 11:00 AM-12:00 PM in room 350 D. Their informative presentation is called “Successful Deployment Strategies of Edge Technologies.”

“Successfully deploying edge technologies is an art. Like art, you have to start somewhere and where you draw that first line determines the rest of the work,” Blanco said.

In this presentation, audience members will hear about conditions that are addressable by edge technologies, the specific technologies to use, how to measure success, and the lesson learned during that process.

For more than 96 years, the ENTELEC Association has worked to connect professionals from the energy sector who focus on finding solutions and efficiencies for their operations. With a deep history that started in the ICS telecom field, ENTELEC has evolved to bridge the gap between IT (information technology) and OT (operation technology). Today, the ENTELEC Association’s Annual Spring Expo brings together experts in the fields of edge computing, IIoT, industrial automation, telecom, information technology, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and all points in between. With must-see presentations, the vendor hall and bustling networking events, this expo can help connect the dots for any of your communications issues. Our industrial automation experts will be on hand to help answer any AUTOSOL software questions you may have.

Register today! www.entelec.org/expo/