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See Where You Can Meet Up with the AUTOSOL Team

Two-Day School and Expo

Corpus Christi Area Measurement Society School (CCAMS), February 21-22, 2023

AUTOSOL’s Chris LaFavers and Suzzette Rainey will be happy to meet up at The Corpus Christi Area Measurement Society (CCAMS) school February 21-22, 2023 at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel. CCAMS is a two-day school focusing on all aspects of hydrocarbon measurement.

The CCAMS school consists of 60 lecture and hands-on classes dealing specifically with the measurement and quality aspects of natural gas, refined products, crude oil and other hydrocarbon products.  The classes include fundamental measurement and quality principles– as well as a few advanced classes. If you have any questions about hydrocarbon measurement that didn’t get answered in class, stop by the AUTOSOL booth and test Chris and Suzzette- they would be happy to help.

For more details on the CCAMS school, visit https://ccams.info/ today.