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February 3, 2017

Behind the AUTOSOL Brand

In honor of our 30th anniversary, AUTOSOL has refreshed its look and adopted a new tagline, “Data In Motion.” Our new branding more clearly symbolizes our commitment to providing reliable, secure and flexible solutions to your automation, data collection and data delivery needs. AUTOSOL delivers SCADA software and hardware products that securely transmit, monitor and control data, thereby improving data performance and ensuring uninterrupted, reliable communications. We were in the Industrial Internet of Things long before IIoT was cool, keeping your Data In Motion.

AUTOSOL has led the way in secure, reliable data transmission as one of the first to innovate data solutions that communicate via the IIoT. Our current comprehensive suite of products improve data performance and ensure its reliable, secure collection and delivery. AUTOSOL meets the current demands of the industrial data delivery market, while engineering advances in new technologies. We also provide critical support to legacy systems, which can add years—if not decades—to your aging infrastructure.

Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience with SCADA and remote data systems and has worked closely and collaboratively with some of the largest companies in the industry. We offer expert installation and configuration services to support our software products, advanced product training and software development services to address our clients’ unique needs.

With our comprehensive suite of data management solutions and experienced, innovative team, we have what it takes to keep your data in motion.